Michigan Majors Bowling Association to Cease Operations

DETROIT, MI – After 50 years of running tournaments for the scratch bowlers of the state of Michigan (and beyond), the Board of Directors of the organization voted unanimously to cease operations today.

Executive Director Mike Norris, who took over running the Majors at the beginning of 2016, cited several reasons why this decision was made, which are outlined here:

• While the number of entries rose slightly this year, entries were still below expectations.

• Bowlers suggested many changes to the tournaments, most of which were implemented (most notably a reduced entry fee, reduced membership fee, and a more relaxed dress code), but still didn’t bowl the events.

• The money (Mike added $5000 to the Majors in both 2016 and 2017), time and effort to run the association, from Mike, his family, and the Board of Directors did not produce an increase in entries, even though $1000 was guaranteed for first place in all singles events and most tournaments paid more in prize fund than was collected in entry fees.

• There has been an increase in the number of tournaments run by other groups and individuals, some of which were scheduled to conflict with Majors events.

• Mike is also aware that he isn’t everyone’s favorite person, and let it be known that he would be open to someone else taking over the Majors (if he was the reason that people weren’t bowling), provided that the tradition of the Association which was founded by Hall-of-Fame member Ken Charrette was maintained. No one was found to take on this responsibility.

For all of these reasons, the third oldest scratch tournament organization in the country will no longer be running tournaments. The Majors does want to express gratitude to the thousands of bowlers who participated in our events over the years, and we hope to see you on the lanes soon.

Bill Huepenbecker – Publicist, Michigan Majors Bowling Association